Highly anticipated: Every gamer knows that any platform is only as good as the games released on it. Google seems to have that covered on its new game streaming service with at least one AAA title confirmed for the service. Marty Stratton from id Software announced Doom Eternal would be coming to Stadia.

Google had a lot to talk about during its GDC keynote today. Even though the focus was on its Stadia game streaming service, presenters still took time to tell us about other products, such as controllers, related to the upcoming launch of the platform.

Another mini announcement during Google's address was that Doom Eternal would be coming to the platform. Marty Stratton, executive producer at id Software (below), said the game would be capable of maintaining 60fps in 4K running on a single Stadia GPU and would support HDR monitors. Doom Eternal will also be compatible with the previously mentioned Stadia controller.

If the service performs as advertised (I'm still skeptical until I can personally see it in action), this will substantially extend the game's reach to virtually any device including phones and tablets. It is also launching on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

In case you missed our E3 coverage last summer, Doom Eternal is the sequel to the 2016 reboot of Doom. The game will feature an even more powerful Doom Slayer and double the variety of demons. The 2018 QuakeCon gameplay demos blew our socks off.

Doom Eternal does not yet have a firm release date yet but is supposed to be out by the end of the year. Stratton said that converting the game to the Stadia platform only took the team a matter of weeks. However, he did not mention if the Stadia version would be launching at the same time as the rest of the platforms.