Why it matters: Firestorm is out on March 25 and looks to be one of the more compelling battle royale experiences out there. The problem it'll face, however, is the fact that it's tucked away in a paid game at a time when much of the competition is free-to-play. How much will that truth impact adoption, and will players really rush to play a game that launched five months ago? Only time will tell.

It's been a long time coming - Battlefield V launched on November 20, 2018, after all - but the game's hyped battle royale mode is nearly ready.

Dubbed Firestorm, the mode brings together 64 players on a map called Halvøy that's 10 times larger than the largest map in Battlefield V. Players will have access to 17 different vehicles at launch including tanks, Jeeps, a prototype helicopter and even a tractor.

With so many vehicles, it may sound a bit unfair if you're lucky enough to nab a heavy vehicle but that shouldn't be the case as Firestorm has implemented several checks and balances to ensure a level playing field. Anti-vehicle weaponry, for example, can smash a tank to bits in no time.

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