What just happened? In the five years since they acquired Nest, Google have slowly been adding to the range of 'smart' devices available for people's homes, including thermostats, doorbells, locks and smoke detectors. One of their more recent offerings is the Google Home Hub, which according to a new leak from Google's own website is about to get a new big brother - the Hub Max.

Leaks for new products often come from industry insiders who tell the world about exciting new tech, but occasionally companies' webmasters just publish information the world wasn't meant to know about yet. Today we saw the latter, as Google accidentally revealed the existence of their new Home Hub Max.

The current Home Hub has a 7" display and incorporates Google voice-assistant technology to allow owners to control the temperature of their home, get a video feed from cameras around their house, and more. The new Hub Max builds on these capabilities by adding in a camera for two-way video calling, while adding a larger, 10" screen. The camera also means owners can keep an eye on things at home while they are out of the house.

The final upgrade mentioned in the short-lived leaked images is for the sound capabilities. The current Home Hub reportedly offers quite lacklustre audio, but the Hub Max's larger form factor will allow for better stereo speakers.

While Google is certainly a household name, it's unclear just how well the Nest product lines are performing. Google's 2018 earnings report indicated that Nest products brought in $726 million in revenue, but still had an operating loss of $621 million.

But this Hub Max leak proves that Google still feels their 'smart home' products are worth investing in. For now there is no confirmation on price, more detailed specs or when it will be available, but the proper launch can't be too far off if the promotional material was ready for publication.