In brief: The 5G race is heating up, and Samsung is determined to lead the charge. After months of rumors, the company has officially announced the release date of its flagship Galaxy S10's 5G version: April 5. However, it will only launch in South Korea to start with - the rest of the world won't get the device until later this year.

Cellular network providers like AT&T and Verizon may be working hard to roll out 5G-capable networks, but even if those networks existed right now, they wouldn't be doing most people any good - there just aren't many popular phones on the market that support the technology yet.

However, that could be changing sooner rather than later. As Samsung announced today, the company's first-ever 5G-ready phone -- the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G -- will hit the market on April 5, 2019; which is just four days from now.

The catch? That "market" will be South Korea only, at least to start. Samsung has been working hard to make its home country one of the leaders in the 5G race, and with the impending launch of the S10 5G, it may just succeed at that goal.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, we don't know when Samsung's 5G S10 will arrive in other markets. It's probably safe to assume it'll be sometime this year -- indeed, Samsung's DJ Koh seemed to confirm as much in a statement -- but no further information is available.