What just happened? MacKenzie Bezos tweeted today that she is letting her ex-husband Jeff Bezos keep 75 percent of their co-owned Amazon stock as well as voting rights to her 25 percent. Since the company was started after the two were married, it is technically common property meaning that they are each entitled to a 50-percent share.

While the move is indeed generous, it does not leave the 48-year-old divorcée anywhere near the poor house. The couple had owned a 16-percent share in Amazon stock worth more than $140 billion. According to an SEC 8K filing, MacKenzie’s stake leaves her with a four-percent cut of the Amazon pie worth $35 billion, clearly enough to do anything and everything she could ever want to do.

In addition to only keeping a quarter of their Amazon shares, she is also letting him have all of her interests in Blue Origin and the Washington Post. Blue Origin was founded in 2000 and Amazon acquired the Washington Post in 2013. Under divorce law, MacKenzie would be entitled to a half share in each of those as well.

The two are parting amicably, and MacKenzie says she is looking forward to her future plans. Although she did not get specific, part of those plans include remaining friends with her ex and co-parenting their four children with him.

When the couple first announced they were getting a divorce, it threw a lot of uncertainty into what would happen with Amazon. As it turns out, Jeff Bezos will maintain the same voting power as he had before, so it should remain status quo.