What just happened? T-Mobile is promising to aggregate all your media accounts into one place - on your TV - where they'll live alongside traditional broadcast content. It sounds good on paper but will it work in the real work? We'll find out soon enough.

T-Mobile in December 2017 announced plans to acquire Layer3 TV Inc. and use it as the backbone to launch a disruptive TV service in 2018. A year later, T-Mobile and CEO John Legere conceded the service wasn't yet ready and would be pushed back into 2019.

On Wednesday, the nation's third largest wireless provider was finally ready to introduce its reworked offering.

T-Mobile TVision Home is an upgraded version of Layer3 TV that'll launch first in eight markets including Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Longmont, Colorado. Additional markets are expected to join later this year.

T-Mobile TVision Home features dedicated customer care, no hidden fees, no bill creep or exploding pricing. You get one consistent price of $90 per month (including a $9.99 per month discount for T-Mobile customers) for 150+ channels of local broadcasts, regional sports and more. You'll also pay $10 per month per connected TV which gets you a whole-home DVR. Any premium packages, like HBO or Showtime, will incur additional expenses.

T-Mobile said 74 percent of American households currently pay an average bill $107.30 per month.

T-Mobile is also offering to pay off early termination fees from satellite providers up to $500 through its new Satellite Freedom program.

T-Mobile TVision Home launches on April 14 in T-Mobile stores and online in the aforementioned areas. Additional details can be found on the official TVision website.