Something to look forward to: 2D Boy's charming physics-based puzzler is the next title under Epic's free game every two weeks program. It follows Transistor, the current free title on the store in Epic's enticing scheme of luring in more gamers to its platform.

World of Goo, which originally came out in 2008, has received a special treatment from the developers as it becomes a free download on the Epic Store next month.

The game's last PC version was built ten years ago, ran at a 4:3 aspect ratio with a resolution of 800x600, thus a lot of improvements were made to ensure it runs properly on modern PCs. It's now been rebuilt for Windows, Mac and Linux machines, supports modern 16:9 aspect ratio by default and all the high resolutions we've come to expect.

For those who haven't given it a try, the game's main objective is to get squidgy black balls of goo from one end to the other by building structures in between, all in a captivating 2D environment. To keep stages challenging, you are required to get these balls across in as few moves or little time as possible. A bonus mode sees players build the tallest tower to compete in leaderboards.

Sadly though, leaderboards won't be returning this time as Kyle Gabler, the game's designer, artist and composer explains that the feature was permanently taken offline a few years back because it didn't work very well and constantly stressed their server into shutting down. The recent versions of the game, including one that launches on the Epic store, have been redesigned to reflect this change.

Kyler went on to mention for players still looking for leaderboard support as it's "a much nicer leaderboard system than we ever had."

The refreshed version of the game will eventually make its way everywhere but if you want to experience it first, head for the Epic Games Store.