In a nutshell: Nintendo may release a cheaper version of the Switch as early as June of this year. Anonymous sources seem to confirm rumors that we reported on back in January. Some features will be cut to reduce costs and lower the price point.

Anonymous sources with Bloomberg did not have any details on what changes would be made to the hybrid console to lower its cost. Previous reports claimed that the screen and overall size would be reduced, and some features would be removed. What features would get cut are unknown, but eliminating the charging dock would be one good guess.

The news comes as Nintendo reportedly falls shy of its original fiscal year sales estimates of 20 million units. Analysts are saying that number is closer to 17.5 million, which is slightly higher than Nintendo’s revised forecast of 17 million back in January.

The hopes are that a refreshed console with a lower price point can reinvigorate sales. It’s a common tactic we have seen with nearly every video game console on the market.

The insiders did not have any estimates on how much of a price cut to expect. However, looking at Nintendo price cuts going clear back to the N64, the first dip has always been $50. A reduced MSRP of $249 seems highly likely.

The Bloomberg report also mentioned that an upgraded model is due out later this year as well.

Last month we reported on a rumor from the Wall Street Journal saying that Nintendo has a prototype Switch that boasts higher performance that places it closer to competing with Sony and Microsoft in the mainstream console market. This advanced version was reportedly releasing this year.

However, Bloomberg’s sources say that the upgraded model due out this year is only “a modest upgrade.”

“The existing Switch will receive a modest upgrade this year, though a more powerful version is not in the works,” the insiders said.

Nintendo has not officially announced anything, so treat the news as rumors for now.