Why it matters: Are you looking forward to 5G? If so, you'll be pleased to know that Verizon has opened up pre-orders for Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G handset, which it will sell as a timed exclusive in the US. Additionally, the carrier has announced 20 new cities that will receive its ultra wideband 5G coverage before the year is out.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G starts at a hefty $1,299, or $54.16 per month for two years, for the 256GB model. Choosing the 512GB version will set you back $1,399 or $58.33 per month for two years.

The phone will be available in Majestic Black and Crown Silver and will be delivered by May 16, 2019---the same day it arrives in stores.

Verizon is offering some incentives to make those high prices less of a turn-off. Buyers can get up to $450 in credit when trading in an eligible phone, and new customers get a $200 prepaid Mastercard when they switch to Verizon on any Unlimited plan.

Verizon is also giving away a free Samsung Wireless Charging Battery Pack and free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds for those who pre-order.

Additionally, 20 more cities will be joining Chicago and Minneapolis in receiving Verizon's millimeter wave 5G Ultra Wideband service this year. These are: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Des Moines, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Phoenix, Providence, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC.

While 5G offers incredibly fast speeds, T-Mobile has warned that Verizon's 5G offering currently is exclusively reliant on mmWave frequencies, preventing it from ever having a chance to "reach rural America."

"Millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum has great potential in terms of speed and capacity, but it doesn't travel far from the cell site and doesn't penetrate materials at all," said T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray on Monday. "It will never materially scale beyond small pockets of 5G hotspots in dense urban environments."

Verizon has also confirmed that a 5G variant of the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 will arrive later this year.