Bottom line: A great laptop is punctuated by great customer support, and Laptop Mag's recent test shows how companies size up after they sell you a laptop. Apple scores first place, with Razer nabbing a close second. MSI, Lenovo, and Huawei round out the bottom three.

In LaptopMag's 2019 Tech Support Showdown, the site goes undercover as an everyday consumer to test the tech support waters from the top laptop vendors. The rankings paint an illuminating picture of which company offers the best support once you've bought into their product lines.

According to the tests, Apple continues its trend at the top by offering accessible and knowledgeable support via live chat, phone, and social media. More surprising is Razer's ascent to the top, taking second place. According to LaptopMag, Razer was at the bottom of the list last year, but has rebounded by offering improved phone support and maintaining an active social media presence. Dell, Samsung and Asus also received decent marks to round up the top 5 manufacturers for laptop tech support.

MSI brings up the rear, and maintained last place. The company's website lacks an intuitive design, its social media accounts are unresponsive, and inaccurate phone support continue to plague it in 2019.

This year was also the debut of Huawei on the charts, as it has been aggressively moving into the laptop market. LaptopMag noted Huawei's tech support was a bit underwhelming, but not bad considering the company is relatively new to the space.

Lead image courtesy Andrey_Popov via Shutterstock