Facepalm: Well that was short lived. August Home's View Doorbell Camera only went on sale 17 days ago and the company has already removed it from the market. Apparently, the device is not ready for primetime and many customers and reviewers are complaining of problems.

Last month we reported that home security startup August Home was preparing to launch a 1440p video doorbell for only $230. The View Doorbell Camera went on sale just over two weeks ago now, and the company just announced it is pulling it off the shelf.

According to a statement issued Friday morning by August CEO Jason Johnson, the device is suffering from "performance challenges in specific user environments."

Indeed, The Verge, CNET, and Amazon customers have all reported connectivity and streaming issues with the View. It has received mostly negative reviews on Amazon, earning it a ranking of 1.5 stars, likely prompting the move.

"While we remain excited to bring this product to more customers, we are aware of some performance challenges in specific user environments."

Current customers that are having trouble with the device can return it for a full refund, but August would like to figure out what is going wrong with it. Therefore, the company is offering a refund to users who can keep the doorbell as long as they provide specific information regarding their setup. Offer is only good until May 3.

August will use this information to improve the performance of the View. Those customers that choose to keep their device and provide feedback will, of course, receive any firmware updates or advice on the setup that developers determine will help them with the product's performance.

Johnson did not have a time frame for when the video doorbell would be available again. Engineers will need to first consider customer feedback, implement changes, and perform additional testing before putting it back on the shelf.

Amazon still lists it as "In Stock" as of this writing, so perhaps it has not gotten the memo yet. August's website also still lists it as "now available," but when you got to the purchase screen to says "Coming Soon."