In brief: With so many products now using subscription/rental payment plans, it's not too surprising to see expensive headphones join the list.

Australian company Nura, which makes the popular and critically acclaimed Nuraphone wireless headphones, is offering a way for people to rent its $399 product starting from just $9 per month using its NuraNow service.

The monthly cost is dependent on how much of the up-front fee you're willing to pay. The lowest, $9 per month tier requires an initial payment of $100. Pay $30 upfront and you can have the headphones for $12 per month, and if you don't want to pay any initial lump sum, you can grab the cans for $15.

One of the best elements about the NuraNow plan is that you're not locked into a contract. Subscribers can cancel whenever they like and send the headphones back to the company---you might even get your up-front payment refunded if you cancel within the first 30 days.

Subscribing brings benefits you wouldn't get from buying the Nuraphone headset outright, the most significant being a new Nura device every 24 months. There are also invites to events, services, discount offers from other firms, a free analog (3.5mm) cable, prize draws, and a warranty that's in place for as long as you subscribe, which includes fixing or replacing the headphones in the event of accidental damage or loss.

Nuraphones use a design that combines both in-ear and over-ear systems. They also feature active noise-canceling and sound profile matching technology that learns and adapts to each user's hearing.

Nura says NuraNow's pilot trial sold out in less than a week in its home of Australia, and it's now available in the US and UK.