In brief: Samsung's B-die memory seems to have met an unceremonious end, as a new DDR4 product guide from Samsung lists all the 8Gb B-die parts with an EOL (end-of-life) status. Time will tell which ICs will emerge as the next preeminent choice for overclockers.

In a new product guide for Samsung's DDR4 memory catalog, Samsung has signaled the end for the venerable B-die memory. Samsung's B-die memory are 8Gb ICs that became very popular with overclockers on both AMD and Intel platforms alike.

Samsung's B-dies were known for their overclocking prowess, as the ICs tended to hit high memory frequencies with fairly tight timings -- and without drinking a ton of voltage. It would seem Samsung is grooming the A-dies to be a successor of sorts, but whether or not they will match the B-dies in terms of overclocking aptness remains to be seen.

For the most part, the new product guide lists all of Samsung's 8Gb B-die parts with an EOL '191Q status; the exception is a handful of 8Gb B-die part numbers with a '192Q EOL status.