In context: AMD's product launches are stacked this year and the chip maker has been executing well on its 2019 roadmap so far. However, it seems we'll have to wait a bit longer for a third generation of Threadripper processors, as those have ostensibly been taken off consumer's roadmap for the year.

Back in March, AMD revealed a product roadmap that had the third-gen Threadripper family slated for a 2019 release. AMD's 7nm Ryzen 3000-series is highly anticipated, and the processors are expected to launch in the third quarter, or sometime after Computex. It was also expected that the 7nm Threadripper lineup would come afterwards, but it seems AMD has quietly removed them from its 2019 roadmap.

A new 2019 product roadmap issued to investors lists only Ryzen 3000 with a "mid-year" release. Speculation might tell us that AMD's 2019 product calendar is already a bit crowded: there's the looming Ryzen 3000 series and Navi GPUs, which we're bound to know more about at Computex. There's also the 7nm Epyc Rome server processors. Then there should be a slew of 500-series AM4 motherboards to complement the new Ryzen chips.

Further speculating, we could wonder if the 7nm manufacturing process isn't quite mature enough for all of AMD's 7nm products. AMD's 7nm Ryzen, Epyc Rome, and Threadripper will all feature AMD's chiplet design, and the new 7nm node may not be able to produce enough yields to go around. AMD will undoubtedly cherry pick the best yields for Epyc Rome, and Ryzen will likely get what's left. If 7nm chip supply is going to be tight, then AMD certainly has to pick its shots wisely.

In other news, AMD's investor slides also show the 7nm+ Zen 3 as being "on track," while Zen 4 is currently "in design."

Computex 2019 is around the corner (May 28th - June 1st) and we'll see what AMD has to show. It's possible that Threadripper 3000 may just need some more time in the oven.