Something to look forward to: John Wick is finally being made into a game... just not the one you think. This is an action-strategy game where you plan every move X-Com style. While Wick's trademark action choreography is preserved, it'll be interesting to see if gamers like the shift to a strategy-oriented game.

John Wick has been a decent box office hit in the past few years with its mixture of fast-paced, highly choreographed "gun-fu" and gory kills. While movie fans will flock to see the third installment of the film trilogy next week, video game fans will be able to play the titular character in a new action-strategy game called John Wick Hex, which is being published by Good Shepherd Entertainment and directed by indie game creator Mike Bithell.

While most might assume that a game based on John Wick would be a third-person action thriller with intense shootouts, Bithell likens it to "fight-choreographed chess" than a straight up action game. The game adapts the movie's signature gun fu into a strategy game where the player must plan the best route through enemies while considering the consequences of their actions such as reloading and ammo. While the game is obviously based on the movie franchise, it will have an original story.

Interestingly, Wick actor Keanu Reeves hasn't yet been confirmed to voice the character in-game although Lance Reddick and Ian McShane will reprise their roles as Charon and Winston respectively. Bithell and his team worked with the movie's actual stunt choreographers to recreate the moves John Wick would realistically use. As an added detail, players will also have access to Wick's trademark suits and weapons.

No official release date has been announced yet, but the game will initially release on PC and Mac through the Epic Games Store with console support to come later on. Watch the official game trailer below: