Recap: Final Fantasy VII launched in early 1997 on Sony's original PlayStation console. It was a seminal release and the first in the series to utilize full motion video and 3D graphics (albeit with 2D backgrounds). The game garnered multiple Game of the Year awards and was even inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2018.

Sony in December of 2015 announced plans for an official remake of Final Fantasy VII. The Japanese gaming giant even published a teaser trailer although in the three and a half years that have since elapsed, we've heard nary a word about the title outside of job listings from developer Square Enix.

That changed this week with the launch of a new teaser trailer featuring development footage. Sony promises to share more information in June although considering the company isn't attending E3, we won't be looking for it at the show.

Final Fantasy VII fans too anxious to wait until next month are invited to check out the Remako HD Graphics Mod released earlier this year. The mod's creator, CaptRobau, utilized AI neural networks to boost the resolution of the background images in the game by a factor of four. As you can see from the comparison trailer, the results are quite stunning.