What just happened? Budget-minded smart home solutions provider Wyze is back with its latest product, a Wi-Fi connected smart light bulb that sells for just $8. That's incredibly affordable for a smart bulb although note, this is a white only bulb - no fancy colored LEDs here.

Wyze is now accepting pre-orders for its next smart home gadget, the Wyze Bulb. This 800 lumen tunable white LED light bulb utilizes Wi-Fi technology and is initially being offered in a four-pack for $30. Individual bulbs will be sold at a later date priced at $8 each, we’re told.

The Wyze Bulb can be fully integrated with Wyze’s other smart home offerings and even plays nicely with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

$8 or less for a smart bulb seems like a recipe ripe for disappointment but judging by the company’s previous offerings, Wyze could be the exception to that rule. Tech publications and YouTubers alike really seem to like the Wyze Cam, a $20 security camera that offers 1080p quality, two-way audio, 14 days of free cloud storage and more.

Assuming the bulb is even halfway decent, it could be a game-changer for smart lighting enthusiasts. $8 is incredibly affordable – heck, I paid more per bulb for my standard LED bulbs just a few years back and those have zero integrated smart features.

Those interested in pre-ordering the Wyze Bulb can do so through the Wyze app. The first shipments are expected to go out by late June.