Why it matters: Microsoft revealed during its recent 10-year anniversary celebration for Minecraft that the sandbox has now sold more than 176 million copies to date "in virtually every country in the world." If indeed accurate, that would make Minecraft one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Wikipedia has Minecraft in pole position with Tetris in the number two spot with sales of 170 million. As PC Gamer highlights, however, it's impossible to know Tetris' true standing in the ranks due to which versions of the game are considered actual descendants and who is doing the counting.

Wikipedia's entry for Tetris is reportedly only accurate as of January 2010. Surely millions of additional copies of the game have been moved in the more than nine years since.

Either way, it's an incredibly impressive feat for Minecraft to even be in the top five. Only one other game - Grand Theft Auto V - has managed to break 100 million units sold. Wii Sports is fourth with 82.87 million units sold and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is fifth at 50 million.

Microsoft used the anniversary celebration to announce a new Minecraft-themed augmented reality game called Minecraft Earth. It enters beta this summer on Android and iOS and will further add to Minecraft's impressive resume.

Image credit: Lego Minecraft mini figures by Ekaterina Minaeva