The big picture: Nintendo wisely launched Tetris 99 as a free-to-play, online-only game earlier this year. Now that it has had time to attract a base of loyal fans, the company is launching its first paid DLC to further monetize the game.

Nintendo launched Tetris 99 in mid-February as a battle royale-style puzzle game. As the name suggests, the online-only (until now) title pits you against 98 other players in the popular puzzler. The last person standing wins.

The new Big Block DLC, out now on the Switch for a one-time fee of $9.99, introduces a new offline mode in which you can hone your skills against 98 computer-controlled foes. There's also a more traditional marathon mode in which you try to clear as many lines as possible before succumbing to your inevitable doom.

Because both modes are played entirely offline, a Nintendo Switch Online membership isn't required. You'll still need a Switch Online account to play the standard Tetris 99 with other human adversaries, however.

Nintendo said additional game modes are coming but didn't share any further details.

The Japanese gaming giant also announced that the third Maximus Cup online event will start on May 17 at 12 a.m. Pacific and run through 11:59 p.m. Pacific on May 19. Participants that manage to earn 100 points during the event will unlock a special Game Boy theme. More details on scoring can be found over on Nintendo's Tetris 99 website.