Why it matters: Expecting to buy a Galaxy Fold next month? Don't get your hopes up. According to a new report, Samsung wants extra time to make sure the fixes it has implemented are working without a hitch, which means further delays.

Most people know about the Fold's screen problems experienced by tech reviewers. The issues caused Samsung to delay the device on the eve of its launch, with no new release date announced. But a report from earlier this month revealed that the company had applied two fixes to the phone, was testing the updated model with South Korean carriers, and would be releasing it to the public in June.

However, the Yonhap News Agency reports that a release next month is now unlikely. It's claimed Samsung wants extra time to be certain the changes it made to the Fold work as intended---the company is looking to avoid a Galaxy Note 7-sized disaster.

According to a Samsung representative, the Fold's "release schedule has not been decided, and we are in a position to announce the launch schedule in a few weeks," which sounds as if a July release could be announced next month.

Postponing the $2,000 Fold again might not inspire confidence in consumers, but Samsung will no doubt believe it's worth any potential bad publicity. It might also be taking note of Huawei's current problems. The Chinese firm's Mate X foldable features an arguably better design than the Fold, but the company's issues with the US government could delay its summer release. The lack of a main rival means Samsung doesn't have to rush out the Fold, allowing it more time to work on the phone.

In other Galaxy Fold news, we're only two days away from the May 31 deadline that will see Samsung cancel all preorders unless specifically told not to by customers.