Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes a slew of seasonal sales across various digital game distribution platforms. Steam's Summer Sale is expected to start on June 21, for example. However, if you don't want to wait that long, you can still take advantage of some Summer savings over at Good Old Games (GOG).

The GOG Summer Sale Festival is in full effect right now, and a wide variety of games are receiving steep discounts. According to a company spokesperson, over 2,000 titles can be snagged at 90 percent discounts; and that's only the ridiculously cheap games. There's plenty of other, slightly less outrageous discounts as well.

To name one, you can grab BioShock Infinite's Complete Edition for 75 percent off, dropping the price to $13.79. Additionally, The Witcher 3's Game of the Year Edition (which includes both of its DLC packs) is only $14.99, down from its normal asking price of $49.99. There are also numerous "flash deals" on offer, which only run for 24 hours at a time but include some pretty hefty savings if you take advantage of them.

This year, GOG is also offering its customers bundle deals, which give you several games for a single flat price. For example, $20 will net you the "Alien Plant Farm" package, which includes Surviving Mars (normally $30), Stellaris (normally $40), and Aven Colony (normally $32.99).

Like last year, GOG is offering its users another free game with this year's Summer Sale. This time around, it's "Obduction," a "sci-fi adventure" from the creators of Myst. There is a catch, though: the offer is only valid for 48 hours, or 42 as of writing.

To check out GOG's Summer Sale Festival for yourself, just visit the official website and sign up for a free account.