Something to look forward to: E3 is just around the corner, which inevitably means game leaks are arriving thick and fast. The latest involves the next entry in the Watch Dogs series, called Watch Dogs Legion. According to a retail listing, it's set in London and has a very interesting mechanic.

2014's Chicago-set Watch Dogs was plagued with technical problems when it launched on the PC, and Aiden Pearce was one of the most dreary protagonists ever, but many people, myself included, quite enjoyed it, thanks to its mix of GTA-style gameplay, minigames, and hacking activities.

The action moved to the San Francisco Bay area for 2016's sequel, which improved pretty much every aspect of the original. For the third main title in the franchise, the setting moves from the US to the UK. A now-removed Amazon UK listing described it as a "a near-future, dystopian version of London. It's a post-Brexit world in which society, politics and technology have changed and altered London's fortunes."

What's especially interesting is that listing goes on to describe how players can take control of anyone they recruit from within Watch Dogs Legion's open world, with every individual featuring their own full set of animations, voice-overs, character traits, and "visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems."

Kotaku reports that depending on which characters you're controlling, players will experience different events at different points in the game. Such an ambitious and complicated system has reportedly resulted in at least one delay to Watch Dogs Legion's production. We'll find out more at E3, which runs from Tuesday, June 11 to Friday, June 14.