If you feel overwhelmed by the subject of networking and don't know where to start, or if you simply need a refresher in networking principles, this is a good place to start.

Generally a complex and highly technical subject, Networking All-in-One for Dummies comprises nine mini-books to give you a good broad intro to the field. Get the ebook free of charge with your email address or by connecting via LinkedIn. The paperback costs $18 on Amazon and it's received very positive reviews. The offer is available until 6/18.

Other ebooks you can download for free

The Basics of User Experience Design Learn about core concepts in UX design as compiled by the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), design thinking, interaction design, mobile UX design, usability, UX research, and more. In nine chapters, this ebook covers a wide range of topics that everyone starting out in UX design should know.

Python Programming Cookbook A compilation of Python examples that will help you kick-start your own projects. This book covers a wide range of topics, from multi-threaded programming to web development with Django. With straightforward tutorials, you will be able to get your own projects up and running in minimum time.

Learn how Slack's own developers use Slack As a company with engineering teams of our own looking to realize the full value of Slack in everything they do, we thought it made sense to turn the spotlight on ourselves.

Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual for IT Pros Being in IT I'm sure you know someone who's been hit with ransomware or you have been though it yourself. This manual is packed with actionable info that you need to prevent infections, and what to do when you are hit with ransomware.

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