What just happened? Microsoft announced that its backward compatibility program for the Xbox One has come to an end. The company launched the final list of content to add to the Xbox One's catalog including a few Original Xbox classics and free DLC, Xbox 360 titles and Xbox One X Enhanced updates. Going forward, the company is shifting its focus to Project Scarlett and bringing Xbox compatibility across platforms and devices.

Back at E3 2015, the Xbox gaming community was delighted when Microsoft launched its Xbox One Backward Compatibility program. This meant that as new games made their way to the then announced console at an ever increasing pace, gamers with fond memories of classics that they played on the first generation console and later could experience the nostalgia all over again on their Xbox One---if they already had the game disc lying around or, as a punishment for losing it, going to the Microsoft Store to get one.

Every classic title that Microsoft brought to the Xbox One catalog took advantage of the console's hardware, leaving the gameplay untouched. This meant you could play Tiberium Wars at a much higher resolution while utilizing the same RTS tactics found in the original game.

The Backward Compatibility catalog has since grown to more than 600 games and remains one of the few things that Microsoft got right in the current generation of console wars with Sony. The company looks to continue in that direction, but it will now stop adding more classic games to the current console.

"...you'll be able to play all these Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games on Xbox One with the disc you already own, or you can purchase them digitally in the Microsoft Store."

In preparation for the next round, in which game streaming rivalry with Google is in the limelight, Microsoft is putting its efforts towards Project Scarlett and bringing better Xbox compatibility across platforms and devices.

In thanking the gaming community for its support and building their game libraries spanning over 18 years, Microsoft also added Too Human to the Backward Compatibility catalog, playable for free.