Something to look forward to: Disneyland California's $1 billion Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge expansion has barely opened, yet this past week visitors have noticed a new section of the park fenced off by "Stark Industries." According to an initial building permit, Disney is planning another large expansion to capitalize on the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the first permit only covers a light $14 million renovation, it includes enough details to wet your tongue. That's right, Disneyland is getting a Marvel themed microbrewery which we're hoping has something to do with Thor, in addition to a meet and greet area, and a 2,071 sq ft shop (that's larger than an average house, by the way). They'll sell stuff related to movies and comics. Disney has also hinted towards an interactive Spiderman ride, and no doubt there'll be something relating to Iron Man following his prominent role in Endgame.

If you're worried that the expansion will be replacing something cool, you can put your mind to rest - it's taking over A Bug's Life area, a 21-year old Pixar film that grossed just 13% of Endgame's $2.7 billion. Endgame is only 2% behind Avatar thus far and is positioned to become the world's highest grossing film in a few weeks. Disney produced six of the ten highest grossing films, which has no doubt allowed them to fund this largely unprecedented expansion.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge was one of the largest theme park expansions to date, and although the hype suggests it will pay off, planning more is pretty wild. "It's the right cross and then an uppercut that knocks the market out," Dennis Speigel, a market analyst, told the LA Times. "Marvel has never been hotter than what it is right now and they've got to squeeze as much as they can."

Disneyland California is just the latest to receive the Marvel treatment, as Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris will open their Marvel expansion in 2020, Disneyland Florida will open theirs in 2021 and Disneyland Hong Kong launches theirs in 2023. It may be a couple of years until California's expansion is ready, but we'll likely find out more at Disney's D23 event on August 23.