Something to look forward to: Tesla's Model 3 is now slightly affordable for those looking to buy the company's entry-level EV, but on two conditions. The first is that the car will have some miles on the clock so it probably won't have that new interior smell and second being the car's limited availability which is only in the San Francisco Bay Area, for now.

For those planning to buy a used Tesla Model 3 meant finding a reseller or an individual owner in their vicinity who was looking for a different set of wheels in the driveway. Tesla has now begun facilitating that process, starting with the San Francisco Bay Area, by selling used Model 3s on its official website.

The Model 3 isn't the first car to be sold online in used condition from Tesla as it has been selling the Model S and Model X this way for quite some time. The Model 3 is the latest addition to Tesla's used car inventory that goes through the same checks and inspections as its older siblings and comes with used vehicle warranties so future buyers don't have to worry about a defective component or a worn out battery.

"Every used Tesla vehicle has passed a 70‑point inspection and comes with either a 4‑year or 50,000 mile warranty or a 2‑year, up to 100,000 mile warranty."

The current listing for the Model 3, as spotted by electrek, consists of a few 2017 and 2018 models available to buy in the Bay Area. These models with the Long Range spec started at around $49,000 when new with prices now hovering just above $40,000. On average, buyers can expect to save between $10,000 to $15,000 by opting for a used Model 3 instead of a newer version, depending upon the options and mileage.

Although Tesla's Autopilot feature was an option on older Model 3s, it now comes as standard on the latest model, something that potential buyers might want to consider. Nonetheless, a used Tesla Model 3 is a tempting proposition for EV enthusiasts who don't want to spend a premium for a new fully specced car or make do with an entry-level version with fewer bells and whistles.