In brief: If you have ever played the game Pictionary, you'll recall frantically trying to convey common words through your crudely drawn pictures. Well, the game is about to get a lot harder. Mattel is launching Pictionary Air this Sunday at Target stores nationwide.

The spin on the pen-and-paper game has players using a bulky digital pen to draw the pictures in the air instead of on a tablet. The drawing is streamed to mobile devices through a Pictionary app, or to a TV through Chromecast or Apple's AirPlay. To make it even more awkward, the person drawing is not allowed to see the image until the timer runs out.

It's a technological twist on an old yet fun game. Pictionary Air will be available starting June 23 for $20, but only at Target stores. However, Mattel said it would roll out the game to other retailers later this summer.