Why it matters: When you say Battle Royale, most people think of Fortnite or PUBG. However, Nintendo showed us with Tetris 99 that a BR game does not have to be a shooter. Now a fan has taken a Nintendo classic and made it a crazy, chaotic free-for-all.

It is called Mario Royale and as the name implies it is based on Super Mario Bros you play in your browser. For the most part, it works just like the original game. The difference: There are 74 other people playing at the same time --- all trying to get to the end of the level before you.

If you are a Super Mario ace, play this game. You will be humbled. Everyone plays as Mario, and even though the other players appear semi-transparent, it is easy to lose track of which one is you. The chaos completely throws off your timing.

After several matches, I found myself getting better, but still dying a lot. It is an interesting new challenge on a very familiar old game, which makes it quite fun after you get over your initial frustration.

Unfortunately, it is not a licensed Nintendo game. The company's track record of taking down unlicensed content is well-known, and the creator's disclaimer is not likely to ward off a cease and desist order.

"Mario and all related assets are property of Nintendo," his notice reads. "Mario Royale is a completely free fan-created parody game. Please don't sue me. Please."

I doubt Nintendo will sue him, but it will certainly tell him to take it down eventually. If you want to give this inventive twist on Super Mario Bros a try, head over to the Mario Royale website before he is served with a DMCA takedown notice.