In brief: Samsung’s first-generation Galaxy Fold is still stuck in purgatory – it’s coming soon, we’re told – but the company is already reportedly turning its attention to its sophomore effort and according to one Korean outlet, the second iteration will look vastly different than the first.

According to etnews, Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Fold with a 6.7-inch display that folds in half horizontally. It sounds a lot like the Motorola Razr remake, a phone we’ve been hearing a lot about this year but thus far hasn’t materialized in public form.

As Phone Arena correctly highlights, the premise of a foldable phone was initially to turn a small device with say, a 4-inch screen, into something with a bit more display. In the years since the initial promise of bendable screens, however, phones simply got larger to the point where first-gen foldables are more like tablets than phones.

A phone that folds horizontally would be much more compact, perhaps a welcome change of pace. The clamshell design has already proven to be a hit with consumers in the past; there’s little reason it can’t find success in the modern era.

The publication said Samsung will begin sourcing the 6.7-inch display needed for the Fold 2 in November which would likely translate to a mid-2020 launch date… assuming of course that everything goes right this time around.