Samsung's Galaxy Fold 2 could be a folding clamshell like the Motorola Razr

Shawn Knight

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According to etnews, Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Fold with a 6.7-inch display that folds in half horizontally. It sounds a lot like the Motorola Razr remake, a phone we’ve been hearing a lot about this year but thus far hasn’t materialized in public form.

As Phone Arena correctly highlights, the premise of a foldable phone was initially to turn a small device with say, a 4-inch screen, into something with a bit more display. In the years since the initial promise of bendable screens, however, phones simply got larger to the point where first-gen foldables are more like tablets than phones.

A phone that folds horizontally would be much more compact, perhaps a welcome change of pace. The clamshell design has already proven to be a hit with consumers in the past; there’s little reason it can’t find success in the modern era.

The publication said Samsung will begin sourcing the 6.7-inch display needed for the Fold 2 in November which would likely translate to a mid-2020 launch date… assuming of course that everything goes right this time around.

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Uncle Al

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While it is interesting I think one of the primary draws will be in having twice the screen size as current phones so a horizontal fold really isn't going to accomplish that plus, you can take the current generation of phones and turn them sideways, thus having a horizontal fold ... kind of ....