In brief: After several nasty design issues cropped up before the launch of Samsung's ambitious "Galaxy Fold" smartphone, the company decided to delay its release indefinitely while it worked out some of the kinks. Now, according to a report, the device's redesign has finally been completed, and Samsung is preparing to relaunch it in time for the holidays later this year.

Sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that a specific launch date hasn't been decided just yet, but given that we're already over halfway through the year, we can probably expect an official announcement soon.

Among other improvements, the redesigned Fold's protective plastic has apparently been "[wrapped] around the entire screen," under the bezels, to prevent ordinary users from peeling it up as several reviewers did (which caused the display to stop functioning properly). The new protective plastic should also help block dust, crumbs, or other small particles from making their way under the screen.

To further ensure the protective layer's integrity, the Fold's hinge has been tweaked and pushed "slightly upward" -- it's hard to say what that might look like without actually seeing Samsung's new Fold, though.

The Fold's price will not be changing, so you can still expect to pay roughly $2,000 to get one of the luxury devices. We'll keep you updated if Samsung releases any new information about their latest phone in the coming months.