In context: MoviePass is best-known as the service that once offered customers nigh-unrestricted and "unlimited" access to as many movies as you can watch in theaters for a mere $10 per month. Unfortunately, such a service proved unfeasible in the long run, and MoviePass has been forced to pivot its business model quite a bit over time.

Today, the service is still around, but it is a shadow of its former self. Not only has it lost the vast majority of its former userbase, but its current "unlimited" offering (which was only re-implemented after high demand) is a bit less appealing than it used to be.

Though it's been treated as the return of the true $10/month service that MoviePass was built on, that price only applies if you subscribe to the $120 annual plan – otherwise, you'll be paying $15/month. Further, MoviePass "reserves the right" to limit ticket purchases based on movie popularity and user location.

MoviePass seems to be aware of its current shortcomings, because the company's website now claims that "Big Changes" are on the way. "For the past several months, MoviePass™ has been working hard to improve our groundbreaking subscription service to ensure it meets the vision that we have for it," the site reads. "We are temporarily not accepting new subscribers as we work on these improvements."

It's unclear what these improvements will entail, but you can sign up to be notified when they go live right here.

Until MoviePass finishes this "maintenance" period (as the company's official Twitter account refers to it) existing customers will not be billed. We'll let you know when the service goes live again, and we will be sure to cover any major improvements it receives.

Image credit: Ringer