What just happened? Grammarly, the popular spellcheck and grammar tool of the same name, is making it easier to understand the reasoning behind each suggestion the software offers with color-coded underlines that categorize errors and suggestions into one of four categories.

In the Grammarly Editor, you'll now see one of four underline colors - each corresponding to a different category. A red underline indicates a basic issue of correctness such as spelling, grammar or punctuation. A blue line means there's an issue with clarity or conciseness, purple offers tips on the tone or politeness of your piece and green marks aim to offer suggestions that make your writing more engaging.

Grammarly also lets users share their goals about a particular document. For example, are you trying to come up with something for work that needs to make a professional impact or are you writing an informal post for your food blog where you like to "bend the rules of grammar for stylistic effect?"

Who is your audience? How formal are you trying to be? The more information you feed Grammarly, the better job it can do to help you achieve your goals.

Recommendations regarding correctness and clarity are available to all users but you'll need a Grammarly Premium subscription to gain insight on engagement and delivery (green and purple categories). Pricing starts at $29.95 billed monthly but drops to as low as $11.66 per month when billed annually.

Masthead credit: blackboard background by StunningArt