In brief: I fully expected to hear the equivalent of a kid mashing all the keys on a piano at once but was pleasantly surprised by what essentially amounts to a fitting secondary soundtrack. Aside from a few "rough spots," most probably wouldn't suspect the music to be anything out of the ordinary.

Unorthodox game controllers are nothing new. In the past year alone, we've seen someone play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate using a bunch of bananas and a beer can double as a wireless gamepad. The latest creation to spring up on YouTube, however, is especially compelling as it adds a whole new element to the game being played.

YouTuber Jackson Parodi recently published a video in which he uses a piano to complete the first level of Nintendo 64 hit GoldenEye 007. Each button was mapped to a different key on the piano although those familiar with the Dam level already know it can be completed in short order using only a handful of inputs.

It's no 52 second world record speedrun, mind you (he completed it in 1:21), but it's impressive and entertaining nevertheless. Parodi even spices things up a bit by playing the game's theme song during cut scenes.