In brief: Fans of mobile gaming may remember Asus' original ROG Phone, one of the first true "gaming smartphones" to include a high refresh rate display (90Hz). However, one gaming phone in its line-up clearly wasn't enough for Asus, because the company has been working on the ROG Phone 2 for a while now. Today, it got an official reveal reveal, giving us details about the device's hardware specs, display, and cooling capabilities.

This reveal was published on Asus' official ROG blog by the company's own Jeff Kampman.

"Just over a year ago, the Republic of Gamers infused our battle-hardened DNA into a phone for the first time ever. Now it's time to power up and go beyond," Kampman writes. "The ROG Phone 2 incorporates everything we've learned from our first foray into high-end gaming phones and then some to create another pocketable gaming powerhouse."

While we'll have to for reviews before we can say whether those claims hold water, the ROG Phone 2's currently-revealed spec list is pretty impressive. The device will feature a 6.59", 2340x1080p, 120Hz OLED display (a noticeable improvement over its predecessor).

This display (which doesn't include a notch) is composed of Gorilla Glass 6; as is the phone's rear, which does not allow for wireless charging, but does boost overall toughness and shatter-resistance. Speaking of durability, Asus says they've further reinforced their flagship gaming phone with a "hard-anodized, matte black metal band."

So, with most of the physical elements covered, let's talk specs – what's under the hood of the ROG Phone 2?

The smartphone will include a Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC with a maximum 2.96GHz boost clock speed, 12GB of DDR4 RAM, up to 512GB of storage (the default is 128GB), two USB-C ports (one for charging or data transfer, one for accessories), one USB 3.1 Gen 2 port, a dual-lens rear camera (48mp and 13mp), an under-display fingerprint sensor, and two front speakers.

That's a pretty beefy set of components, and they're likely to generate quite a bit of heat when you push the ROG Phone 2 to its limits – that's where Asus' "GameCool II heatsink system" comes into play.

The system uses a "3D vapor chamber" to dissipate heat, while also using a visible rear "Aerodynamic System" vent to further aid in cooling. The ROG Phone 2's 6,000mAh battery should also ensure that, even when the device is running at its hottest, you'll be able to game for longer than ever.

Asus also understands that not every potential customer is going to love the idea of touchscreen controls. That's where the company's extra accessories come in – you can pop your phone into a dedicated "TwinView Dock" for more console-like gaming, or attach two Switch-like joysticks to either side of the phone for an improved portable experience.

Asus has not seen fit to announce the ROG Phone 2's official pricing or release date just yet, but recent reports point toward a starting price tag of $870 and a launch date of August 1, 2019.