Why it matters: Nintendo is reportedly addressing the Switch's Joy-Con drift issue by offering free repairs with no proof of purchase necessary. Additionally, anyone who previously paid to have one of the controllers fixed will be given a refund.

It was reported earlier this week that Nintendo of America was facing a class-action lawsuit from angry Switch owners who've experienced the Joy-Con fault, which sees them detect a directional input when the joystick isn't being touched, causing a drift in one direction.

According to a report by Vice, Nintendo is doing all it can to placate owners affected by the drifting issue. The firm has reportedly told customer service representatives that it will no longer charge customers for Joy-Con repairs; they won't even be required to provide any proof of purchase or confirm the device's warranty status.

While this might upset those who previously paid around $40 for a Joy-Con to be fixed, it will now be possible to receive a full refund once a rep confirms the prior repair.

Vice writes that the information comes from an internal Nintendo memo provided by an anonymous source familiar with the company's updated customer support documentation. It advises reps to help Switch owners suffering Joy-Con problems through troubleshooting steps before issuing the no-questions-asked repair.

Nintendo doesn't acknowledge in the document that there is a fault with the Joy-Cons, though it does say it expects questions from people following the recent reports.

"We want to quickly handle these questions to restore consumers smiles," the documentation reads.

Vice tried out the policy with a drifting Joy-Con belonging to one of its staff members. After being told to install a firmware update and going through the calibration process, the problem was still there. A pre-paid shipping label was then offered so it could be sent away for a free repair.

While this is good news for owners of broken Joy-Cons, it's unlikely to affect the class-action lawsuit.