In brief: If you're looking for a long-range surveillance camera that's so powerful it can read vehicles' license plates from one kilometer away, you may want to check out Fujifilm's first entry into the market: the SX800.

As you might imagine, the SX800 packs some impressive hardware to achieve this feat. It has a built-in lens that offers 40x optical zoom and a focal length range extending to 800mm. It also has an additional digital zoom of 1.25x, giving it a combined maximum focal length of 1000mm, which allows it to focus on objects one kilometer (0.6 miles) away.

Consumer cameras such as Nikon's P1000 has the SX800 beat in terms of zoom, thanks to its 125x optical, 3000mm-equivalent zoom lens, but Fujifilm has some other features that will improve footage captured at extreme distances. It has a fast and accurate autofocus system (0.3 seconds), optical image stabilization to control camera shake, and a heat haze/fog reduction function that allows it to capture footage of far-away objects clearly in a variety of weather conditions. It also supports ISO levels of up to 819200 for night filming.

Fujifilm says it utilized the cutting-edge image processing technology found in its "X Series" of digital cameras to create the SX800.

In the video below, the SX800 can (just) read a handheld sign from around 2.2 km (1.36 miles) away.

The Fujifilm SX800 launches in two days (July 26), though the company still hasn't revealed how much it will cost.