Oops: An internal version of Windows 10 may have revealed a newly designed Start menu. First noticed on Twitter, the live tiles seem to have been removed in favor of icons. It could be a very early rendition of what users will see in Windows Lite.

Microsoft unintentionally pushed an internal-only version of Windows 10 to Insider testers this morning that had a couple of never before seen features. The Verge notes build 18947 was meant for internal Xbox development but went out to all fast ring and slow ring testers with 32-bit machines.

An overhauled Start menu is the main change noticed. Gone are the live tiles, replaced with large app icons. It doesn't look polished, but it is still in very early development. I was never fond of live tiles and would love to see them go, but the large icons are not that appealing either.

We previously reported that Windows Lite would ditch live tiles for a more streamlined Start menu. Presumably, that is what this is, but I would hardly call the look streamlined. That said, I doubt we'll see this change come to the desktop version of 10.

The only other notable difference is that there is a GIF search tool integrated into the emoji picker --- not exactly groundbreaking.

Keep in mind that since this version was not meant to be released, it is highly subject to change. Revisions are even more likely now considering the negative reception the Start menu has thus far received on Twitter.

Microsoft has not officially commented on the matter, but Windows Insider Chief Dona Sarkar tweeted that they are "looking into" the issue.