Why it matters: Malwarebytes has released the latest version of its popular AdwCleaner program, introducing a feature that many users will appreciate. Version 7.4 of the application, which detects and deletes adware and other unwanted programs from a device, is now able to find and remove preinstalled software---better known as bloatware.

AdwCleaner 7.4, which you can download here, can get rid of adware, toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser hijackers from a machine. With the latest update, it now detects preinstalled software, which the company defines as "software that typically comes pre-loaded on a new computer separate from the operating system."

Nobody likes bloatware, of course, but its creators pay manufacturers to include their sub-par photo editors, antivirus trials, and other unwanted crap on machines. Not only is it often useless, but it can also impact a computer's performance by eating up resources. To make matters worse, this type of software is usually designed to make its removal difficult, especially for less tech-savvy consumers.

With AdwCleaner 7.4, users have the option of quarantining and uninstalling bloatware. It doesn't affect pre-installed Windows applications, though. And as removing these programs can sometimes negatively affect the computer, a system restore point will be created whenever one is detected. If necessary, the bloatware can be restored using the 'Preinstalled software' tab in the quarantine section.

Another new feature in the update is the addition of a glossary to the scan results page. This explains what the different types of unwanted programs do and why they should be removed.