The big picture: Most users still swear by their wired headphones and for a while now Samsung has been making the headphone jack a mandatory bullet point in every phone spec sheet, giving everyone hope that they wouldn't need a dongle to keep using their favorite headset. But that's about to change with the world's largest phone maker following in the footsteps of the very company that started the dongle era.

It was back in 2016 that Phil Schiller declared the familiar port obsolete technology and marketed its removal from the iPhone 7 as "courage". Well, the company would go on to ship a Lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter with its phones for a while, at least until last year when it launched the iPhone XS and XR.

A lot of companies that are in the habit of following Apple removed the headphone jack in their phones starting with Google's Pixel 2 lineup and continuing with Sony's Xperia XZ2, OnePlus 6T, and many others. Now it seems Samsung has finally found the "courage" it needs to leave the old headphone jack behind, with leaked renders spotted by SamMobile showing a 3.5 mm to USB-C adapter that is intended for the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

It's not yet clear if it'll come included in the box, but something worth noting is that one in every five phones sold in the world is a Samsung phone if you go by the latest numbers. And since the Korean giant was one of the only holdouts in the top ten club, having them join the dongle revolution means we'll see a lot more competition and lower prices in the wireless accessories market.

Samsung is said to be readying pair of AKG-branded, in-ear wired headphones with active noise cancelling that plug in via USB Type-C, which should come included in the box with every Note 10. The company's Galaxy Tab S6 also doesn't have a headphone jack, but won't have either accessory included in the box.