In brief: If you are Fortnite player and have a Kinect camera hooked up to your Xbox One, you might want to temporarily disconnect it. Epic says that there is a conflict with the device that may cause stability problems. It is working on a fix, but does not know how long until it can roll out a patch.

Season X (v10.00) of Fortnite launched on Thursday, but not without a hitch. Users have been experiencing “stability issues” when starting the game. After looking into the problem, it was determined that there is a conflict associated with Kinect cameras.

Epic Games suggested via Twitter that those having trouble disconnect their Kinect until it can come up with a patch for the problem.

It is unclear what is causing the conflict with the peripheral. When it first released, about 10 percent of the Xbox One’s GPU resources were reserved for Kinect. However, Microsoft unlocked those resources for developers to use back in 2014. So that cannot be causing the issue.

Initially developed for the Xbox 360, the accessory broke sales records in 2011. It did not go over as well when introduced of the Xbox One though due to price, performance, and privacy issues. Low adoption and lagging sales led Microsoft to stop manufacturing the camera two years ago. Although, there is still a PC version for HoloLens development.

Despite the low adoption numbers, it appears that there are still enough Kinect users on Xbox One to raise a significant problem with the latest Fortnite update. Epic did not have a timeframe on a fix. However, since developers are aware of the problem and what is causing it, it should not take them long to issue a patch.

Image credit: Barone Firenze via Shutterstock