WTF?! Surveillance at airports is a common security measure but one using Xbox Kinect units certainly isn't. While many travelers would have strolled through security at the Newark International Airport without noticing, the gaming accessory did catch the eye of Jason Scott, a video game historian and archivist.

Microsoft's love it or hate it motion controller died in October 2017 and one year later the company ceased the production of the Kinect adapter that was meant to hook up the sensor with an Xbox console or a Windows PC. Although the device did return at MWC this year, it came in a much smaller form factor and was targeted at the IoT industry with a $399 Azure Kinect DK meant to be sold to developers, and officially stated by Microsoft as "not a replacement for Xbox Kinect."

While many gamers fond of the hardware still keep it on shelves to play or collect dust, a few were unexpectedly spotted at Newark International Airport in the US State of New Jersey.

Mounted on long arms above monitor screens, the close-up photo also reveals the Xbox logo embossed on the top left corner of the gadget. Whether the accessory makes for a better alternative than existing security cameras or if a bunch of these were going for cheap is anyone's guess, but it is interesting to see the device still in use, albeit not in a TV lounge but an airport.