Ethical hackers play a big role in cybersecurity. If you've been hoping to break into this industry, you can start by training yourself with this bootcamp bundle that includes more than 75 hours of expert-led courses.

Hackers are getting more sophisticated by the day, but so are their crime-fighting counterparts. Ethical hackers are cybersecurity experts that leverage hackers' own tools against them, keeping networks---and the sensitive data they hold---safe. Take the fight online and certify your skills as a bona fide cybersecurity professional.

This bundle includes access to 526 lessons and 77 hours of online content. You will learn from industry experts in an interactive, lab-filled environment. Foster skills in incident management and penetration. Explore common threats, such as viruses, trojans, social engineering and DDoS attacks, while learning to understand the necessary steps to secure a system.

Typically retailing for over $2,800, the Ethical Hacker Bootcamp Bundle is currently available at 98% off for just $39.

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