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Ethical hackers show how to open millions of hotel keycard locks

Any NFC-enabled Android phone could forge a master key for every room in a hotel
In a nutshell: Over three million hotel room locks in 13,000 buildings in 131 countries are vulnerable to an exploit that lets attackers forge master keys for any door. Although the manufacturer of the affected locks is rolling out a fix, it's unclear when or if every impacted hotel will upgrade its systems.
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If you teach a chatbot how to read ASCII art, it will teach you how to make a bomb

In context: Most, if not all, large language models censor responses when users ask for things considered dangerous, unethical, or illegal. Good luck getting Bing to tell you how to cook your company's books or crystal meth. Developers block the chatbot from fulfilling these queries, but that hasn't stopped people from figuring out workarounds.
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Number of data breaches falls globally, triples in the US

The US has overtaken Russia as the most-breached country
Why it matters: A recent study investigating data breaches throughout 2023 reveals a total of 299.8 million accounts were compromised across the year. While this figure is alarmingly high, it represents an 18% reduction from the 366.7 million breached accounts in 2022. Despite this global decrease, the situation in the United States has worsened, with the number of breaches tripling, positioning it as the world's most frequently targeted country.
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Canada moves to ban the Flipper Zero amid rising auto theft concerns

Who knew a toy-like security testing device could prove to be such a menace?
Bottom line: The popularity of the Flipper Zero has Canadian officials on edge. While the tool's capabilities do raise concerns, the knee-jerk prohibition highlights the tricky balance between empowering white-hat hackers and preventing malicious misuse of technology.