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Hacker Gary Bowser released from prison early, still owes Nintendo $14.5 million

But he has paid back $175
In context: Gary Bowser, the unfortunate-named former member of Nintendo hacking group Team Xecuter who received a 40-month prison sentence last year, has been released from his incarceration early, partly due to his good behavior while behind bars. He's returning to his home in Canada, but with a $14.5 million debt owed to Nintendo, he'll likely be handing over part of his income for the rest of his life.
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Hacking multi-tool Flipper Zero gets banned from Amazon, classified for card skimming

In a nutshell: The Flipper Zero may look like a harmless child's toy from the 90s, but it's capable of far more. The Tamagotchi-like device has been used for everything from opening parking gates and tampering with fast food menus to reading credit card information through a person's wallet and pants. Unfortunately for Flipper, this scanning ability has earned a ban from Amazon, which now considers it a policy-breaking card-skimming device.
Linus Tech Tips

YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips terminated after it was hacked to show crypto-scam videos

TechLinked has also fallen victim
What just happened? Linus Tech Tips, one of the largest and most popular technology YouTube channels on the platform, has been hacked. It was used by the hackers to show pre-recorded 'live-streaming' crypto-scam videos, featuring former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The channel is now showing a message stating it has been shut down for violating YouTube's community guidelines, but it appears Linus' other channels are also being abused.
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Bitwarden's password manager browser extension has a known exploit it hasn't addressed in five years (Update: fix coming)

PSA: Hackers can steal your username and password for a website using an embedded iframe. It's a weakness for all password managers, and most have addressed the flaw in various ways, including issuing warnings when users are on a login page with an iframe or not trusting subdomains. Bitwarden is the sole exception, having determined in 2018 that the threat was not significant enough to address.