High five: Ping Gorilla co-owner Kelsey Lewin recently published a YouTube video explaining how she verified the authenticity of a separate NWC cart that came in not all that long ago. Convinced it was the real deal, the involved parties brokered a deal to sell the cart to another party.

Cringe-worthy footage aside, the best thing to come out of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships was the limited edition cartridges crafted by the company and handed out to participants and a few other lucky individuals. The cartridge in question features a non-descript label with exposed jumpers for the timed versions of Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer and Tetris that live within.

According to legend, 90 grey carts were given out to contestants and another 26 (in gold) were made available to contest winners through Nintendo Power. That was nearly 30 years ago and as you can imagine, it's even rarer to get your hands on a cart today.

As you can imagine, staffers at Pink Gorilla Games in Seattle were a bit shocked to find a grey 1990 Nintendo World Championship cart come into the store among a smattering of other (far less interesting) titles.

Pink Games co-owner Cody Spencer told Ars Technica that a guy in his mid-30s brought in the games last week. It was par for the course until he got to the bottom of the bag and found the World Championships cartridge. Spencer was skeptical at first but when he picked the game up and felt its heft, he became more convinced.

Fun fact - Kelsey co-owns Pink Gorilla and is a regular of YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks. Small world, eh? And congrats on the find for the new owner and even bigger props to Pink Gorilla for being honest about the game's value with the customer.