Why it matters: PUBG Corporation is additionally committing to faster console edition updates. Now, updates will roll out to PS4 and Xbox One within two weeks of launching on the PC starting with PUBG Season 4 which drops on August 27.

PUBG Corporation on Monday announced that cross-platform support for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to consoles.

In a post on the official Xbox blog, PUBG Corporation community manager Cecilia Lee said cross-platform play has been the most requested feature since the game launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Come next month, it'll finally happen.

In addition to getting to test yourself against a wider variety of gamers, cross-network play will result in a larger player pool which should lead to shorter wait times between matches.

Speaking of, Season 4 will include a striking new look for PUBG's first and most iconic map, Erangel. The update will introduce new building styles, more realistic terrain and scenery, lure regarding the history of the island and some changes to the map itself.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hasn't been getting as much press as rival Fortnite as of late but make no mistake, it's still an immensely popular game. According to Wikipedia, it's still in the top six list of best-selling and most-played video games by player count.

PUBG Corporation will enable cross-platform support on the PUBG Public Test Server (PTS) in late September before rolling the feature out to the live servers in early October.

Masthead credit: PUBG by SolidMaks