In brief: With the biggest prize pool of any esports event, crowdfunded by Dota 2 fans to an astounding figure of over $34 million, The International 2019 saw OG becoming the first back-to-back winners in the history of the hugely popular Dota 2 annual gaming event, which, for the first time, took place in Shanghai, China.

While a Sunday would have many of us relaxing or doing a bit of housekeeping, players and fans of Dota 2 were glued to their screens as an intense best-of-five grand final took place between the Euro teams OG and Team Liquid.

With both teams having previously held the accolade, Team Liquid in 2017 and OG in 2018, a record was ready to be made either way as the winners of The International 2019 would become the first team to win the Dota 2 championship twice.

OG took the honors with a three-to-one lead over their rivals, raking in over $15 million (~45 percent of the total prize pool), also making it the largest sum of money earned by an esports organization, and of course, the Aegis of Champions trophy.

Coming in at second place, Team Liquid also won a pretty decent $4.4 million reward. The finalist made a promising start with match one but team OG consistently outperformed them for the next three consecutive matches.

Distributed among the team of five, each Team Liquid player pockets ~$900,000 while every OG player gets over $3.1 million, making all five of them among the top individual earners in esports globally.