Something to look forward to: The Nintendo Switch was already a compelling console on launch, but now, after several AAA developers have ported their latest titles over to it, it's a much better buy than ever before – the device is even getting The Witcher 3 this October. However, if RPGs aren't really in your wheelhouse, you may be excited to hear that Blizzard's popular hero shooter 'Overwatch' is coming to the hybrid console as well.

This news was revealed during Nintendo's latest Direct presentation today, and was first reported by Kotaku. The game will inevitably see a few graphical downgrades to operate smoothly on the Switch – decent FPS is critical in a competitive shooter – but for the most part, the core Overwatch experience will remain unchanged.

Switch players will have access to the same updates, heroes (including Hammond, the adorable giant hamster in a mechanized ball), maps, and game modes that their PC, PS4, and Xbox One brothers and sisters do. However, they will get one extra feature: gyro controls, which will let you line up the "perfect shot" as McCree, pilot D.Va, or "quickly turn to deflect incoming projectiles" as Genji just by tilting the Switch.

Quickly circling back around to the previously-mentioned graphical downgrades, let's elaborate on those a bit. As you can see in Overwatch's Switch announcement trailer above, the port has muddier textures, reduced antialiasing (resulting in some jagged edges), and what appears to be greatly-reduced shadow quality.

However, Overwatch's cartoony aesthetic lets it look good under almost any conditions, so you probably won't care about the downgrades too much while gaming in your hotel room or on a wifi-equipped train or plane.

The port arrives on October 15 (which, incidentally, is the same day The Witcher 3's Switch version arrives), but it doesn't appear to be available for pre-order just yet. When it is, though, you'll get access to 15 bundled character skins, and three months of free Nintendo Switch Online membership.