In context: Fans of dark fantasy media have probably been looking for another epic show to get hooked on following the (somewhat controversial) Game of Thrones finale, and one viable candidate might just be The Witcher: an upcoming Netflix-exclusive series with a mature and gritty fantasy setting. The show will be based on the monster-slaying book series of the same name, and it's been in full production for a couple of years.

You can watch the show's official trailer above, and if it catches your interest, we could have some good news for you today: Netflix's official Netherlands Facebook account allegedly released a now-deleted post yesterday that listed how many "nights sleep" users would need to go through before certain platform-exclusive content launches.

Some of the listed shows and movies include El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (releasing next month), the third season of The Crown (releasing in two months and change), and, of course, The Witcher, which is apparently premiering in 96 days (97 as of yesterday). If you don't feel like doing the math, that effectively translates to a December 17 release date.

Whether or not this information will prove accurate remains to be seen. The post has since been deleted, which could mean a couple things: either the post was accurate and Netflix's social media manager wasn't expected to publish it yet, or the info could have been inaccurate, in which case the post was likely removed to avoid the spread of false information.

We should make it clear that this information has not been verified by us. Sadly, we didn't spot the post before it was apparently removed, and it doesn't seem that the source of this report – Witcher fansite "Redanian Intelligence" – managed to archive it. As such, it may be wise to take the post screencap above with a dose of skepticism. We'll be reaching out to Netflix for more details.

Either way, a December launch date doesn't seem too far-fetched – as we stated before, this show has been in the works for a while already, and Netflix is probably eager to push the first season out.