In brief: While Google Chrome still commands the lion's share of the browser market, it has lagged behind in a few key areas, tab management and organization being one of them. With updates rolling out to Chrome later this year that are set to introduce more intuitive tab management and grouping, Google will finally catch up with rivals such as Firerfox and Opera.

Google announced that Chrome will be receiving some much needed improvements to tab management later this fall, as well as deeper customization options and an enhanced address bar.

In the coming weeks, Android users should see a new grid-style layout make its way to Chrome, a feature that iOS users already enjoy. The new grid layout should make selecting tabs easier, as well as offering a thumbnail preview of the tab. Moreover, users will be able to group tabs by dragging and dropping them atop one another.

Over on desktop, Chrome will get a cleaner layout for tabs with improved previews. By hovering over a tab, users will see both the page URL and a preview of the page. Additionally, users will be able to send tabs to another device, assuming you're signed in and have sync enabled.

Chrome will also get a refined address bar in both the Android and desktop versions. The new address bar will come with an auto-fill function that adapts in real time, depending on what's being typed.

Alongside the changes to tabs and the address bar, Chrome will get more options for colors and themes. There will be several new presets to choose from, as well as options for the tab page, toolbar and more.

Google hasn't given an exact timeline for these changes, only stating that they would come this fall.